Get the most efficient design and build at the most economic cost through MZ advanced planning of site selection, site layouts and budget estimation. This helps you avoid unnecessary design changes and unwanted blowouts during construction.

Land Selection
•    MZ Design and Construction Group have a FREE Site Inspection of your block of land, or the block you are considering purchasing.
•    A site could be considered challenging for a number of reasons: a steep slope, a difficult shape, exposed to unwanted climatic effects or subject to other constraining factors such as noise. mainly is the orientation of the land which will affect on your house design, solar envelope and energy efficiently.
•    You can book a Free Site inspections & consultations with MZ members before choosing your land to avoid that challenges which will be costly for you later.
•    If you already have your land you can book a free inspection and get advice about your dream house.

Custom Design
With MZ Design & Construction Group you have the opportunity to design a special custom home that is personal to your family and suits all of your needs, whilst also capturing the benefits of your specific site.
Custom Design to meet the best result for your dream house.
•    We have experienced Designers that will give you personalized service. We understand you want the absolute best result for your project and we will provide you with that.
•    The best possible and most feasible design will be tailored to suit your budget. We will work with you from the initial concept stages through the design development, documentation and to construction completion stage.
•    We are well versed in local and state Authorities codes and guidelines and can show you how we can achieve a better design, a more feasible outcome and a higher qualitative and monetary return for your investment.
•    Our design team is patient and takes care to provide you with step by step visual understanding of the proposed project.
•    MZ Design & Construction specializes in obtaining DA & BA approval.
•    Plan and document preparation and attendance on your behalf at Pre-Development Application meetings with council
•    Plan and document preparation and submission to
•    land developers
•    Shadow diagrams
•    Site photographs/montages
•    Sample boards
•    Preliminary sketch plans
•    Preparation of BASIX Certificates, Bushfire Reports, Site Analysis Reports, Waste Management Plans, Statement of Environmental Effects, Environmental & Site Management Plans and Erosion & Sediment Control Plans
•    DA/BA Application form completion
•    Development application plans
•    Detailed architectural plans for Construction
•    Certificate Applications
•    Individually tailored specifications
•    Colored plans, detail sheets and electrical layout plans
•    Electronic data discs
•    Council submissions for Development Applications and Construction Certificate Applications
•    Coordinating with other professionals on your behalf, such as surveyors, engineers, landscapers, pool designers, arborists, builders and interior decorators
•    Materials and color samples can be provided on sample boards, which will bring to life the ideas and concepts of the project.

Already have your set of working drawings prepared?
•    That’s great! Whether they have been through building approval or not, MZ Group will be able to help you at pretty much any stage of the building process.  With everything you need to create your desired property right on our doorstep, we can stay involved with the building process every step of the way.

•    We guarantee the contracted completion date and budget of your project by maintaining constant project supervision and ongoing communication with our clients to adhere to agreed design and construction schedules.
•    All our contractors are licensed and have been handpicked for their quality of workmanship and professional attributes in the workplace.
•    We only supply clients with new building materials and fittings which are all covered under a warranty.
•    All our workmanship is guaranteed.
•    We honor all our agreements and strive to provide you with complete satisfaction.


•    Luxury housing & development
•    Standard housing
•    Affordable housing
•    Mixed inclusions

House and Land Packages

This is a very attractive option as it allows you stay at your current location and can mean fewer expenses and much less family stress.
•    Complete new custom design home, instead of half old;
•    Energy efficient new home; enjoy warm winter’s and cool summers
•    Comparable costs to an extension and renovation
•    Stay in the same street and neighborhood you love, and your children have grown up in;
•    Stay close to the kid’s schools and friends
•    Stay on your spacious block of land with established trees
•    Save thousands on the stamp duty on buying another property:
•    Save thousands on agents selling costs;
•    Optimize the equity you have in your land.

Project Management
•    Fixed fee for the entire project or up to a particular milestone
•    Project management on a “cost plus” basis. All services are provided at our negotiated trade prices, with a fixed-fee added on
•    Pre-specified site visits billed at an hourly rate